Coconut Oil a great healthy Eco solution


Been using Coconut oil  & Cream for a long time since I was pregnant from my first-born I’m very happy to said that my stomach don’t have scratch marks at all maybe I  don’t have a six-pack stomach but I don’t have does horrible marks that all women hates, I can explain why.

You know the baby start growing inside you and is the most beautiful thing can a woman can experience but at the same time your skin start stretch and that’s when your scratch come because your skin start to scratch itchy skin “Dont Scratch” just pour a lot of Coconut Oil or Coconut cream during your pregnancy months and after you have your beautiful baby you will see you wont have does horrible marks.

Also My husband and I we used  coconut oil like a mouth wash once a week to kill all those germs  if you want to do it is very easy get a teaspoon of coconut oil and put it in your mouth tried to keep it the most time that you can between 15 minutes to 20 minutes after that just wash your mouth with coconut oil and baking soda toothpaste and them rinse nice clean white teeth you’ll have . Not only that but for tooth infections you can used coconut oil in the area that you have the infection just remembered that you need to do it every day.

How about for curly , frizz , dry hair? Well after you wash your hair pour coconut oil in your hair and you will see all your hair how will shine , your curly hair will be beautiful and no more frizz the great part of this the smell is wonderful.

Make up remover is great too ,  how about for hair removal? A+++++ why well its works in two ways 1-) for remove your hair and 2-) your legs will shine too . For dark spot in your body , some scarf  . My puppie suffer from ear infections been our struggle and her to finished but since we using the coconut oil been a great help its been reduce her scratch .

I have friends that used it for cooking , I havent doing yet but they said is a great and more healthy than regular oil. Coconut oil have so many boost that is endless . More info find it in google and you will see  .

What I write in regard about coconut oil?,  is because My family and I we used  all the time  24 / 7 / 365 , and we see how has been great in everything we used it.

Also you can get it everywhere Trader Joe’s , Aldi ,Wal-Mart , Whole food, Publix , etc. I buy mines in Aldis it cost $4.00 but it last almost 1 year.

Let us know how you used and how beneficial is for you and your family


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